Fan Newsletter from the Cynics, Vol. 1 Num. 8


Fan Newsletter from the Cynics, Vol. 1 Num. 8


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Fan newsletter from Pittsburgh punk group The Cynics, Volume 1, Number 9. The newsletter reads:

"The Cynics Newsletter
Volume One, Numero Eighto
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We've recently played a few dates out of town, most notably, Cleveland with the New Salem Witch Hunters, and Detroit with the Hysteric Narcotics. We had a great time - thanks!

Here's this month's list of shows:

December 31 - Electric Banana. Ring in the New Year with your ears ringing! Food, Champagne, party favors and FUZZ!

January 9 - Not finalized yet, but perhaps The Dead Boys, The Infidels and the Cynics. 2 shows, one all-age and one over-21 at the Grafitti.

January 17 - The Chesterfield Kings and the Cynics at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey.

January 18 - The Demiclub in Harrisburg, PA. Three other bands, all-ages, an afternoon matinee starting at
Three PM.

We're hoping to bring bands such as The Mystic Eyes, The New Salem Witch Hunters, The Reactions, The Lyres, The Chesterfield Kings, The Hysteric Narcotics and The Splat Cats to Pittsburgh next year. If you're interested in any of these shows, or know of any other bands who you think would be cool to play with, let us know - call Patty at WPTS - 648-7990.

We hoping to go to the west coast late February to early March. We'll be playing with bands such as Yard Trauma, The Untold Fables, Thee Fourgiven, The Marshmallow Overcoat and The Unclaimed. Dionysus's Lee Joseph is helping us set up the shows.

Our new single, No Way b/w Dancing on the Walls (Non-LP B-side for all you record collectors) will hopefully be out within a month or so. We're still negotiating about the album!

Last Update: A new Cynics cut is available on the new Dionysus compilation, Sounds of Now. The song, Get Away Girl, was originally recorded by Pittsburgh's own Fantastic Deejays. The comp. is great, featuring such great bands as Yard Trauma, Thee Forgiven, The Untold Fables, The Brood and the Legendary Golden Vampires.

That's about it for now - until next time:



Harriet Stein (donor)


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