Last Call for Holiday Bar My Memory, David Byrd


Last Call for Holiday Bar My Memory, David Byrd


Holiday Bar
Bar ephemera


"Last Call for Holiday Bar" notecard from Holiday Bar's farewell party.


David Edward Byrd


Chuck Tierney


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8.5 inches x 11 inches




Last Call for Holiday My Memory: "Dear Holiday Bar Owners Chuck & Chuck: David Byrd here! Best wishes for the 29 April Last Call. I visisted the bar in the fall of 2005when I was attending my CMU 40th Reunion. I did see Andy's face peeping through a hole in the wallboard. A lot of memories were born there for me and a very fond spot reamins in my heart for a legendary place. Cheers to your health, David Edward Byrd PS: if you have the inclinatoin, check out my website. You will see what I have been doing since I wrote my entire Graduate Thesis in one of your booths."

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Series 5: Last Call for Holiday Bar Memorabilia


David Edward Byrd, “Last Call for Holiday Bar My Memory, David Byrd,” PQHP Online Archives, accessed July 21, 2024,
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