Last Call for Holiday Bar My Memory, Phil Maffes


Last Call for Holiday Bar My Memory, Phil Maffes


Holiday Bar
Bar ephemera


"Last Call for Holiday Bar" notecard from Holiday Bar's farewell party.


Phil Maffes


Chuck Tierney


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8.75 inches x 5.5 inches




Last Call for Holiday My Memory: ?My fondest memories of the Holiday are from the early 80s when Wade, Dylan, and I used to come in to the bar. Clear out people from our favorite table so that we could ?hold court? and perpetuate our ?snob status.? Many was the night that we left here feeling no pain and felt the need to stp at Wendy?s on Baum Blvd. for ?French fries.? That was back in the day when we were all skinny! (Well at least Dylan still is) I sure do miss those old ?hangover? days, the good times with great people, many still here but far too many gone but still in our thoughts and prayers! Phil Maffes

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Series 5: Last Call for Holiday Bar Memorabilia


Phil Maffes, “Last Call for Holiday Bar My Memory, Phil Maffes,” PQHP Online Archives, accessed July 21, 2024,
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