Vanna’s Benefit for Miss Pittsburgh at Zak’s Fourth Avenue, April 10 1994


Vanna’s Benefit for Miss Pittsburgh at Zak’s Fourth Avenue, April 10 1994


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This video contains footage of a benefit show to support Vanna's participation in the upcoming 1994 Miss Pittsburgh Pageant. The benefit took place on April 10 1994 at at Zak's Fourth Avenue, a gay and lesbian nightclub in the old Pittsburgh Stock Exchange at 333 Fourth Avenue, downtown. The event begins with Vanna’s entrance down the club’s stairwell to “Little Bird,” by Annie Lennox, followed by an speech where she thanks various people who had helped to make the show possible, including DJ Steve, Shawn who did her hair and makeup, the venue staff, several of the performers, and her lover Paul, (00:04:30). The show is hosted by MC Kierra Darshell (Miss Pittsburgh 1991), who also performed “A Deeper Love,” by Aretha Franklin, (00:10:32). Vanna went on to win the title of Miss Pittsburgh for that year.

The following performers names are noted in the footage:

Jazmine Brockington
Cinnamon Cane
Toffee English aka Tawfiq Akhir (Miss Pittsburgh 1993)
Michael Obusek aka Vanna (Miss Pittsburgh 1994
Justa Dream (Miss Brewers 1993)
Milan Tre’Zur
Tasha Khan (Miss Pegasus 1994)

The following songs are performed:

“Little Bird,” Annie Lennox, Vanna, 00:00:00
“The Rose,” LeAnn Rimes, Chucky, 00:06:19
“A Deeper Love,” Aretha Franklin, Kierra Darshell, 00:10:32
“Fever,” Madonna, Cinnamon Cane, 00:15:15
“I’m On Your Side,” Jennifer Holliday, Jasmine Brockington, 00:20:23
“100% Pure Love,” Crystal Waters, Toffee English, 00:26:15
“If You Asked Me To,” Celine Dion, Eric, 00:31:34
“Gypsy Woman,” Crystal Waters, the current reigning Miss Brewers, Justa Dream, 00:35:54
“Sex Me,” R. Kelly, (Acapella) 00:40:00, “And I’m Not Telling You I’m Not Going,” Jennifer Holliday, Milan Tre’Zur, 00:40:39
“Ooops Up,” Snap!, “I Want to Thank You,” (Remix), Alicia Myers, Tasha Khan, 00:46:00
“Power of Love,” Laura Branigan, Vanna, 00:54:28




Michael Obusek (Vanna)


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