Miss / Mr. Class Act Pageant 1997 and Class Act Christmas Show 1997


Miss / Mr. Class Act Pageant 1997 and Class Act Christmas Show 1997


This video contains footage of the 2nd annual Mr. and Ms. Class Act pageant in 1997, at the Class Act bar in Morgantown WV hosted by Jezebel D’Opulence. The contests are interleaved with three contestants for Mr. Class Act (Drew Morgan – Mr. Class Act 1997, Aaron Jon Atkins – 1st Runner Up, and Rod – 2nd Runner Up), and two for Ms. Class Act (Erica Woods – Mrs. Class Act 1997, Fefe D’Opulence – 1st Runner Up). Jezebel also references the Class Act’s owner, Karen, while hosting (00:41:15).

The Pageant is separated by presentation (Mr at 00:02:25, Ms at 00:16:41), introduction of judges (00:24:40), including the owner of the nearby gay bar “Shakers”, Evening Wear (Mr at 00:38:00, Ms at 58:43), Talent (Mr at 01:19:33, Ms at 01:53:50), and Coronation (Mr at 02:24:00, Ms at 02:26:16).

The tape also contains footage of the 1997 Class Act Christmas Show (Beginning at 02:28:47) hosted by Natasha, featuring several guest performers, as well as an announcement that they are raising money or a State AIDS Network by selling Christmas ornaments (03:59:40). “JR” is thanked as the videographer for the night (04:03:41).

The following performers names are noted in the footage:
Jezebel D’Opulence
Drew Morgan
Aaron Jon Atkins
Fefe D’Opulence
Erica Woods
Tamara Knight (Judge)
Alexis Olivier
Frankie Kizzie (Judge)
Tressa Michaels
Kourtney Brown D’Opulence

-Christmas Show
Tressa Michaels
Natasha Euphoria D’Opulence
Fefe D’Opulence
Alexis Olivier
Drew Morgan
Crystal Meth
Essence of Ebony
Erica Woods
Monique Bouvier

The following songs are performed:
(If a performers name is unclear from the footage, it has been left blank. If you are able to provide information about performers who have not been listed, please contact the PQHP).
“I’m Not Giving You Up” Gloria Estefan, Jezebel D’Opulence, 00:00:00
“Superstar” Charm Farm, Montes, 00:09:00
“Watch Me” Lorrie Morgan, Alexis Olivier, 00:28:50
“All Cried Out” Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, Tressa Michaels, 00:34:10
“Does He Love You?” Reba McEntire ft. Linda Davis, Alexis Olivier, 00:45:50
“It Must Be Love (Hous Mix)” Alton McClain & Destiny, Kourtney Brown D’Opulence, 00:50:24
“As If We Never Said Goodbye” Glenn Close, Jezebel D’Opulence, 01:06:54
“Tarzan Boy” Baltimora, Drew Morgan, 01:19:33
“A Bad Goodbye” Clint Black and Wynonna Judd, Rod, 01:26:43
“From a Distance” Bette Midler, Aaron Jon Atkins, 01:35:00
“Fast love” George Michael, Montes, 01:40:14
“Take a Bow” Madonna, Alexis Olivier, 01:46:00
“Skip to my Lou” Finis Henderson, Fefe D’Opulence, 01:53:50
“So you want to be a nun?” Nunsense the Musical, Erica Woods 02:02:12
“I will always love you (House Mix), Michael Bolton, Montes, 02:27:00
“God Help the Outcasts” The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tressa Michaels, 02:11:14

-Christmas Show
“Angels We Have Heard on High” Vanessa Williams, Tressa Michaels, 02:28:47
“Love You Down” INOJ, Natasha Euphoria D’Opulence, 02:32:47
“RuPaul Christmas Mix” RuPaul, Fefe D’Opulence, 02:37:40
“Star Bright” Vanessa Williams, Alexis Olivier, 02:43:40
“The Christmas Song” Barbara Streisand, Eric Woods, 02:47:22
“If You Go” Jon Secada, live performance by Drew Morgan, 02:43:49
“Big Bad Mamma” Foxy Brown, Crystal Meth, 02:58:00
“All Because of You” Cher, Natasha Euphoria D’Opulence, 03:02:20
“My Funny Valentine” Chaka Khan, Alexis Olivier, 03:05:29
Mix “You Make Me Wanna” Usher, “Gitty Up” Salt n Pepa, “Together Again” Janet Jackson, “If” Janet Jackson, “It’s all about the Benjamins” Puff Daddy, Essence of Ebony, 03:09:45
“Christmas Train” RuPaul, Fefe D’Opulence, 03:16:40
“I am what I am” Gloria Gaynor, Tressa Michaels, 03:20:20
Mix “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” RuPaul, “Homo Christmas” Pansy Division, Rod, 03:24:10
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Barbara Streisand, Erica Woods, 03:27:40
“My Favorite Things” Julie Andrews, Alexis Olivier, 03:32:20
“Do you hear what I hear/Little Drummer Boy” Vanessa Williams, Tressa Michaels, 03:34:48
“Santa Baby” RuPaul, Natasha Euphoria D’Opulence, 03:41:00
“My Heart Belongs to Daddy” Eartha Kitta, Monique Bouvier, 03:46:05
“Big Momma Thang” Lil Kim, Crystal Meth, 03:49:50
“Unchain My Heart” Ray Charles, live performance by Drew Morgan, 03:54:25
“All I Want For Christmas” RuPaul, Fefe D’Opulence, 03:59:40


December 5, 1997


Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence (donor)


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Class Act (335 High St. Morgantown, WV)


“Miss / Mr. Class Act Pageant 1997 and Class Act Christmas Show 1997,” PQHP Online Archives, accessed July 21, 2024, http://www.pittsburghqueerhistory.com/omeka/items/show/2658.


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