Fefe's Farewell 1996

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Fefe's Farewell 1996


This video contains footage from Dame Fefe Damiana D’Opulence’s Farewell Show at Pegasus Lounge in Pittsburgh PA, her final show as Miss Pegasus 1995-1996. The show features performers from the House of Opulence, including members from Southwestern PA, Ohio, and West Virginia, as well as a live performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Frankie Kizzie (0:43:47). The last hour of the tape contains recorded television shows on UPN station WPPT, suggesting that this is at least a second generation copy made from another master tape.

The following performers names are noted in the footage:
Fefe Damiana D’Opulence
Lolita D’Opulence
Vita D’Opulence
Jezebel D’Opulence
Scarlett D’Opulence
Patty O’Fernicher
Frankie Kizzie
Kourtney Brown D’Opulence
Delisha Sundae D’Opulence
Vanna D’Opulence (Michael Obusek)

The following songs are performed:
(If a performers name is unclear from the footage, it has been left blank. If you are able to provide information about performers who have not been listed, please contact the PQHP).

“In Your Room” The Bangles, Fefe D’Opulence, 00:00:00
“People Hold On” Coldcut, Lolita D’Opulence, 00:02:54
“C’Mon Get Happy” Judy Garland, 00:10:25
“Never Do You Wrong” Stephanie Mills, Scarlett D’Opulence, 00:21:35
“I Will Always Love You (Dance Mix)” Whitney Houston, Patty O’Fernicher, 00:28:40
“A Guy That Takes His Time” Mae West, 00:32:58
“Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” Andrews Sisters, Fefe D’Opulence, 00:35:58
“Holiday [Live]” Madonna, Fefe D’Opulence, 00:38:00
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Arlen & Harburg, Frankie Kizzie, 00:43:47
“Hanky Panky” Madonna, 00:48:22
“Not Gon’ Cry” Mary J. Blige, 00:51:45
“My Love, Sweet Love” Patti LaBelle, 00:56:15
“Turn It Out” LaBelle, Kourtney Brown D’Opulence, 01:00:03
“Eternal Flame” The Bangles, Fefe D’Opulence, 01:07:00




Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence (donor)


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Pegasus (818 Liberty Avenue)


“Fefe's Farewell 1996,” PQHP Online Archives, accessed July 21, 2024, http://www.pittsburghqueerhistory.com/omeka/items/show/2662.


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